In case of grant of Temporary Connection to Consumers

  1. In case of applications for "temporary connection " for single phase supply at voltage <25OV, and not attracting the provision of Section 30 of the I.E Act 1910 (i.e, congregation of more than 100 persons, etc), which do not require mandatory inspection by Electrical Inspector, it should be the endeavor of the company to provide power supply at the earliest, and in no case later than 48 hour from receipt of completed application from the prospective consumer.

  2. As regards all other applications for "Temporary connection" involving mandatory inspection by Electrical Inspector, it should be the endeavour of the company to provide power supply within 48 hrs of receipt of clearance from the concerned Electrical Inspector.

  3. The field officers must take immediate action to frame an estimate and advise the prospective consumer to deposit a lump sum amount covering service connection charges, if any, along with the energy charges applicable for the appropriate class of consumer for the proposed period of temporary power supply.

  4. If the duration of temporary power supply is less than 30 days then the energy charges should be calculated and estimated for the entire duration of power supply.

  5. In case the duration of power supply is for a period exceeding more than one month then the estimated energy charges to be deposited should at least cover two months consumption charges towards security deposit.

  6. Bill should be served on the consumer on monthly basis and the security deposit should be adjusted at the end of the connection period.

  7. To save delay the field officers should take up the responsibility to comply with all other department formalities so as to give power supply within the stipulated period of 48 hours.

  8. A proper Management Information System (i.e, by way of register for sanction of temporary connection and further reports) should be instituted at appropriate company levels for monitoring and taking appropriate remedial action at higher levels.