Q.1. What is power reform?
Q.2. What is restructuring?
Q.3. What is Private Sector Participation?
Q.4. Who is an Electricity Consumer and who is supplier of power to him?
Q.5. How do I get a new connection/ initial power supply.
Q.6. How can I get a temporary connection?
Q.7. What do I do if there is no response of supplier with regard to new connection?
Q.8. How much length of service line, I am to pay for?
Q.9. What shall I do towards additions and alteration of my installation?
Q.10. What is the procedure of enhancement of connected load or contract demand?
Q.11. Who will do electrical installation in my premises?
Q.12. What amount do I have to pay for new connection?
Q.13. How do I install a meter?
Q.14. How much meter rent am I supposed to pay.
Q.15. What happens if my meter becomes defective?
Q.16. Who will take meter reading and how?
Q.17. How much do I have to pay when I have no meter or have a defective meter?
Q.18. When should I receive my bill?
Q.19. Where do I pay my bill?
Q.20. When and how do I pay my bill?
Q.21. What are the rebates / penalties payable by me?
Q.22. How can I avail payment by installments?
Q.23. What happens if I do not receive a bill?
Q.24. Am I required to pay even if my bill is incorrect?
Q.25. Who will address complaints regarding non-receipt of my bill or discrepancy in my bill?
Q.26. What is my action for a disputed bill?
Q.27. Who will solve billing dispute, when and how?
Q.28. What information should my bill contain?
Q.29. When do I get disconnected and what are the reasons for getting disconnection?
Q.30. Can the licensee enter my premises?
Q.31. How do I get reconnected and what is the reconnection charges?
Q.32. What is reclassification of consumer?
Q.33. Whom should I contact if there is fear of safety in my electrical installations?
Q.34. What happens if the power supply or fuse fails?
Q.35. Am I entitled to notice for a power cut?
Q.36. What is the maximum period of scheduled power cut?
Q.37. What is the declared voltage I am entitled to?
Q.38. What is the allowed variation in voltage?
Q.39. What do I do if my voltage is low?
Q.40. How is the agreement between the supplier and consumer terminated?
Q.41. How will I know about tariff/revision of tariff?
Q.42. What charges other than charges for energy consumption do I have to pay the utility?
Q.43. What kind of information am I entitled to?
Q.44. How is the tariff decided?
Q.45. What is an open public hearing?
Q.46. How do I participate in the public hearing?
Q.47. How do I initiate proceedings against the licensee in the commission?
Q.48. How will I find out about the decisions of the commission?
Q.49. Where can I appeal against decisions of OERC?
Q.50. How can I redress my grievances with the licensee?