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 Tender For : WESCO/CEO/020.
           Tender Notice.
           General Specification.
           Price Schedule .
CEO-020 GR-A AAAC 55, 80 & 100 sqmm.  
              CEO-020 GR A (AAAC).               
              G.T.Ps AAAC (Gr-A). 
CEO-020 GR-B HT Stay, Earthing Dev, HW T&C.  
               CEO-020 GR B HT Stay set, Earthing Dev., HW Fittings.
GTP & Drawing (Group-B).  
               GTP & Drawing (Group-B)
               HT Stay Set for 33 KV (Part-II, Drawing) .
               HT Stay sets for 11 KV (Drawing).
               HT Stay Sets for 33 KV (Part-I, Drawing).
               HW Fittings (Drawing).
               Earthing Device GTP.
CEO-020 GR-C ABS & HGF.  
               CEO-20 GR C ABS HGF.
               GTP 11 KV AB Switch.
               GTP 11 KV HG Fuses.
               GTP 33 KV HG Fuses.
CEO-020 GR-D Angle & Channel.  
               CEO-020 GR D Angle & Channel.
               GTP for Gr-D ( Angle& Channel).
CEO-020 GR-E Insulator.  
               CEO-20 GR E Insulator.
               INSULATOR GTP.
CEO-020 GR-F 33 kv crossarms.  
               CEO-20 GR F Crossarms & GI Pin.
              6 Way SC DB.
               8 Way SC DB.
               Drg 33 KV Crossarm.
               Drg for Back Clamp for 33 KV V Crossarm.
               GTP Gr-F CROSSARM
CEO-020 GR-G LTTV Meter.  
               CEO-019 GR G LTTV Meter.
              GTP LTCT Meter & TP Box.
              Tech Spec for TP Box of LTCT METER & CT.
              Drg for TP Box of LTCT Meter.
CEO-020 GR-H 2 C 50 sqmm Cable do.  
               CEO-20 GR H 2 Core 50 m m2 XLPE Cable.
CEO-020 GR-I 11 & 33 Kv L.A.  
               CEO-20 GR I 11 Kv & 33 Kv LA.



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